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            Jianfeng group develops environmental open day activities

            Release Time: 2018-10-13

            In order to further enhance the understanding of the environmental management and the effect of "three wastes" treatment of Jianfeng Group, and to open up the channels for public participation in environmental protection, Jianfeng Group organized an environmental opening day on June 21. More than 30 residents and village cadres from the villages and towns around Jianfeng Group went into Jianfeng Group to get a thorough understanding of the production and operation of production facilities and the status quo of environmental protection.

            Everyone walks into the central control room of the enterprise, the raw material and finished product tank area and the sewage treatment station. The instructor introduces the basic situation of the enterprise, the main environmental risk units, the risk substances, the three-level risk prevention measures, and the sewage treatment process, so as to let everybody invest and transport the plant process and environmental protection facilities. The situation is well understood. Everyone said that the environmental protection open day activities, further enhance the residents'knowledge of environmental protection work and environmental protection effectiveness of enterprises, open up public channels for environmental protection, and build a bridge between the public and enterprises to understand each other.