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            Corporate Culture

            "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" development goals: to build Jianfeng Group into a well-known new materials, fine chemicals production enterprises; research, production and marketing integration of modern agrochemical and service enterprises; Chongqing key chemical backbone enterprises and modern service enterprises.

            Jianfeng Group Culture Manual.pdf
            • Vision

              Construction of life health industry ecosystem
            • Enterprise Tenet

              Striving for excellence, serving the society, integrity management, and seeking common development

              Work Goal

              Benefits of State-owned Assets Value maintaining and Value-adding Enterprises Increased Obviously Income of Employees Steadily Increased Living Environment Continuously Improved

              Enterprise Values

              Loyalty, responsibility, integrity, mutual win, co construction and sharing
            • Core Values Of Enterprises

              Honest labor sharing enterprise benefit innovation labor sharing enterprise growth enjoy life and build harmonious peak
            • Enterprise Spirit

              Unity, self-improvement, truth-seeking and strict

              Business Philosophy

              The market is the root of the user, the brand is the soul, the good faith management mutually wins the symbiosis.

              Work Line

              Readjustment of reform, innovation and development